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Welcome to Ultimate Truth Investigations

Ultimate Truth Investigations (UTI) founding principle is obtaining the facts and finding the TRUTH!

To accomplish this, I use over 23 years of experience as a law enforcement investigator and the most modern technology available in truth verification/lie detection technology, the COMPUTER VOICE STRESS ANALYZER or C.V.S.A.

Do not use an over the telephone service when you do not who you are truly talking with, if they are using a “valid” technology or something that is not recognized by any professional organization. Use a local person who has an office that you can go to and get your questions answered.

Why use outdated technologies? When you could use the very same state of the art technology used law enforcement and the U.S. Military worldwide.

If you need a definite answer, don’t spend your hard earned money on other much older, out dated technologies, just to be told the examination was “Inconclusive.” Have Ultimate Truth Investigations get to the bottom line, the TRUTH.

If you answer “YES” to any of the following questions, you need to call UTI today, for a FREE price quote.

  • Has someone lied to you?
  • Did a employee or someone steal from you?
  • Is a loved one being unfaithful?
  • Is your integrity being questioned?
  • Are you wrongly being accused of wrong doing or a crime?
  • Do you want to clear your good name?

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